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Posted in horror, horror movies, christmas horror story, black christmas, necromaniacs, better waatch out, krampus by necromaniacs on December 20th, 2017

Happy Holidays Necromaniacs! It's time for our All - Christmas Horror editon. We cover the 1974 classic Black Christmas along with newer entries Better Watch Out and the horror anthology A Christmas Horror Story.



Halloween is our favorite time of the year at the Necromaniacs podcast, so we put together a fun episode.  We go old school with Universal's "Bride of Frankenstein" a groundbreaking film for its time.  We shoot forward to the 70's for Jess Franco's sexy Euro vampire thriller "Vampyros Lesbos" and round out the episode with the oddity "Halloween III : Season of the Witch."



Posted in horror, horror movies, werewolf, The Last Shift, twin peaks, cruising, porno, IT, The Devil's candy by necromaniacs on September 13th, 2017

For those of you that have been following the podcast for the past few years, you know that we've that we've talked about the movie Cruising on several occasions. We've made references to it and threatened to cover the film. Well, we finally tackle Cruising in this episode!

We also get into 2017's The Devil's Candy and A Dark Song, two films that have been getting critical accolades.


We kick the episode off with our two cents regarding the Twin Peaks finale.



Posted in horror, horror movies, get out, land of the dead, the evil within, DALE COOPER, DAVID LYNCH by necromaniacs on August 6th, 2017

Thanks to all of you that have contributed to the Patreon campaign.  If you're interested in supporting Necromaniacs, you can do so by going to

Before we get started, we'd like to pay our respects to George Romero, a true visionary in the horror genre. Romero has inspired us and helped nourish our imaginations for most of our lives.  Rest in Peace George Romero.

In this episode we tackle Romero's 4th installment in his zombie saga, LAND OF THE DEAD.

We then get into 2017's controversial GET OUT. We wrap up with the offbeat film THE EVIL WITHIN.






Posted in horror, horror movies, TWIN PEAKS, IT, OZ PERKINS, DALE COOPER, DAVID LYNCH by necromaniacs on June 15th, 2017

Despite some annoying technical difficulties we managed to get this out to you guys. It took us two nights this past week, but we got it over the fence and into your hands. 

In this episode we cover David Lynch's return to our favorite Northwestern town in Twin Peaks : The Return, Oz Perkins deeply atmospheric possession film The Black Coat's Daughter and one of the more obscure giallos, Luciano Ercoli's Forbidden Photographs of a Woman Beyond Suspicion.



Posted in horror, horror movies, science fiction, zombies, undead, gore, the void, driller killer, train to busan by necromaniacs on April 19th, 2017

We have both been waiting a long time for The Void to come out. Finally, we had a chance to see it at a Midnight Showing at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Theater. Find out what we thought!


We also cover the South Korean zombie apocalypse film Train to Busan and Abel Ferrara’s old-school-New York Sleaze classic The Driller Killer



Posted in horror, gore, IT, The Devil's candy, the brood by necromaniacs on February 21st, 2017

Mike and Mike tackle Autopsy of Jane Doe, the Mexican extreme gore film Atroz and the Cronenberg classic The Brood.



Posted in horror, horror movies, gore, mexico babaro, krampus, the invitation, christmas horror by necromaniacs on December 18th, 2016

Happy Holidays! To celebrate the Yule Time, we're covering Kramus. the 2015 horror comedy based on the the Euorpean "Shadow of Saint Nicholas" Krause Von Krampus.  We also cover the slow burn thriller The Invitation and the gore-soaked anthology Mexico Barbaaro



Posted in horror, horror movies, gore, hardware, green room, frankenstein's army by necromaniacs on August 26th, 2016

We do another skype episode, so apologies for the iffy sound quality.  We have another great episode featuring a set of diverse movies: thriller THE GREEN ROOM, horror shock movie FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY and sci-fi horror Necro-fave HARDWARE.



Posted in horror, horror movies, necromaniacs by necromaniacs on June 30th, 2016

Summer is here so it's a perfect time to get into some horror movies as we roll into the July 4th weekend.  In this episode we cover The Witch, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Diary of a Deabeat the Jim Van Bebber documentary


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